Condiments for Salads


Condiments for salads

Special condiments

A category of condiments designed specifically to make any salad extra special.

 Our delicate condiments created for four popular, international salads are low in acidity so they dress and enhance the flavour of the salad.

 The ideal mix of spices and natural flavourings, and our balsamic vinegar of course, results in condiments that compliment a green salad, a caprese, niçoise or exotic salad.


Special Condiment for Green Salad
Cumin and Mostarda preserve
Walnut and Pistachio
Green Apple and Citron

Special Condiment for Caprese Salad
Tomato and Honey
Black olive and Tomato

Special Condiment for Niçoise Salad
Bell Pepper and Tomato
Anchovy and Bell Pepper

Special Condiment for Greek Salad
Yoghurt and Cucumber

Special Condiment for Exotic Salad
Wasabi and Ginger

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