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Glazes for Cheese

Special condiments

Glazes for cheese combine a balsamic vinegar of Modena glaze with a mix of spices and natural flavourings.

We identified four of the most famous cheese categories from around the world: hard cheese, like Parmigiano; soft cheese like ricotta and mascarpone; blue cheese, like gorgonzola; and mozzarella.

We have studied 3 flavourings for each one of these categories that will bring out the full flavour of the cheese or provide a delicate contrast at the back of the palate.


Special glaze for Parmigiano cheese
Pear and Honey
Mango and Onion
Hazelnut and Mostarda preserve

Special Glaze for Mozzarella
Oregano and Tomato
Cucumber and Oregano
Saffron and Pepper

Special Glaze for Gorgonzola
Cherry and Cinnamon
Coconut and Mostarda preserve
Citron and Walnut

Special Glaze for Ricotta and Mascarpone
Forest fruits and Maple
Coffee and Pistachio
Chocolate and Orange Blossom


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