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Vincotto for desserts

Special condiments

Traditional Vincotto has been cleverly reworked so it becomes the perfect match for the most popular desserts in the world.

Vincotto is a sweet condiment made of grape must cooked slowly over low heat and combined with fruit juice and natural flavourings, to top ice cream, fruit salad, plain yoghurt and lemon sorbet.


Special Vincotto for Ice Cream
Strawberry and Gingerbread
Apricot and Vanilla
Almond and White Chocolate

Special Vincotto for Lemon Sorbet
Pomegranate and Green Tea
Mint and Rum
Liquorice and Coconut

Special Vincotto for Yoghurt
Cherry and Mango
Green Apple and Cinnamon
Watermelon and Fennel

Special Vincotto for Fruit Salad
Peach and Apricot
Date and Fig
Rosemary and Orange


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