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Strategic Partners for Private Labels and Industrial Applications

What we do

Balsamic Vinegar Bottled


We are a partner you can trust for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, Condiments, Glazes and Vinegars, that can be supplied in bottles in various formats with our Brand or with the Customer’s own label.

Balsamic Vinegar in bulk


For food service professionals and manufacturers of sauces and creams, we can supply our products in bulk containers, from jerrycans to larger formats such as drums or IBCs.

Product Innovation: glazes, condiments, vinegars


Our specialist know-how enables us to develop condiments and glazes that meet the customer’s specifications, suggesting new flavourings ranging from fruit to spices, for enriching salads, desserts or first courses.

Acetaia Borgo Castello

Custodians of tradition
At Acetaia Borgo Castello, our balsamic vinegars are aged right in the heart of the province of Modena. Doing things the traditional way, honouring our bond with the local area, and carefully selecting our raw materials are the starting point for everything we do and make.

Executors of innovation
We share the know-how and the production technologies of Toschi Vignola Group applied to fruit processing and the use of spices and essences, enabling us to develop totally new Condiments and Glazes for our customers.




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